Win a Set of Money-Making Emails Absolutely FREE

Yesss, it’s a giveaway and you’re up to win a bangin’ Sales Email Sequence written by yours truly – The Million-Dollar Word Stylist. Now, the last time I ran this giveaway, I nearly broke the Internet (LOL), but as long as you get emails that engage your subscribers and make you money … who cares about the Internet?!

Alright, so before we get to the drawing details, please listen up:

After polling my social media audience, I realized a LOT of people have no idea how to set up an email campaign. And because there’s no sense in winning all of my word goodness if you don’t know what to do with it.

Soooo, first things first …

How to Qualify to Win

To qualify for the drawing, you MUST register for my upcoming webinar, “How to Set Up an Email Campaign.” During our 60 minutes together, I’ll walk you through how to set up your email campaign and I’ll announce the winner of the free Sales Email Sequence.

Now, please note that creating a sales sequence is different from sending out random weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter emails. You’ll actually learn when and how to schedule the emails, how to check engagement and segment the list for best results.

Now, to ensure ya’ll fully understand the value of what I’m doing here, I can’t host a free webinar to give away a free sales sequence. So I put a tiny price tag of $15 on the webinar– still an insane amount to pay for a chance to win an email sequence I charge $1000+ to write.

Enter Here

And with that, here’s how to enter the drawing:

It’s really just that easy.

Good luck and see ya soon!

P.S. Wanna hear from my last email sequence winner? Watch this =>

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