Get Certified in Persuasive Copywriting

Master timeless, revolutionary strategies for crafting better-performing ads, social media posts, emails, landing pages and other types of results-driving marketing communications.

If you’ve ever been utterly mesmerized by a TV commercial or you’ve found yourself racing to an online store after reading a promotional email, then you know firsthand how meaningful and influential words can be. And words have become even more vital as businesses clamor to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.

Brands large and small are constantly battling to show audiences why their product or service is the BEST choice. While the sea of options continues to multiply rapidly, persuasive copywriting is the one skill that can attract and sustain an audience’s attention no matter how crowded the market becomes.

And inside the Persuasive Copywriting Certification Course, you’ll gain access to the strategies, formulas, frameworks and templates you need to master that skill.

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Internationally recognized by accredited colleges and universities, Persuasive Copywriting is a 10-week in-depth certification course that provides professionals, creatives, consultants and businesses owners with the comprehensive training needed to excite, engage and motivate audiences to take action.

When you enroll in the Persuasive Copywriting Certification Course, you’ll not only learn timeless copywriting secrets, but you’ll also discover how to apply revolutionary copywriting strategies in today’s highly competitive digital landscape. Ultimately, you’ll master the art of crafting better-performing ads, social media posts, emails, landing pages and other types of results-driving content.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your copywriting skills to gain a competitive edge as a student, advance your career or expand your empire, the Persuasive Copywriting Certification Course is where you’ll learn how to do it.

What You’ll Learn

Inside, you’ll learn vital elements of persuasion so you can write compelling emails, landing pages, social media captions and more. This course demystifies structuring and writing attention-grabbing copy and shows you how to develop persuasive calls to action for both online and offline platforms.

A System for Crafting Persuasive Content in 85% Less Time

Uncover a proven step-by-step process for preparing to write, conducting research and crafting compelling copy that intrigues readers – all in 85% less time.

Classic Copywriting Techniques for Print and Online Audiences

Learn timeless copywriting techniques from a seven-figure copywriter and agency owner and discover how to leverage those time-tested principles for both offline and online marketing channels.

Winning Templates for Creating Compelling Sales Messages for Every Industry + Business Type

Get samples of high-converting copy from various industries including B2B, B2C, service providers, eCommerce and more.

Closely Guarded Templates, Tips and Tactics Used by the World’s Top Copywriters

Gain an unfair advantage with step-by-step guidance on how to leverage failproof storytelling methods and copywriting formulas that top copywriters have used for centuries to produce persuasive copy such as the “before-after-bridge,” “problem-agitate-solve” writing frameworks and much more.

Once certified, you’ll know how to:

What You Get

Your enrollment in the Persuasive Copywriting Certification Course includes:

Meet Your Instructor

Apryl Beverly is the founder of Word Stylistz®️, the world’s first online woman-owned, flat-rate sales writing agency. Since launching her writing and marketing firm in 2011, she and her team have crafted compelling copy for small business owners and global brands.

Her clients have generated more than $100 million in revenue from the content her agency has produced. She’s also the author of two books and is frequently called on to facilitate training events on vital copywriting and marketing communications principles.

She is a graduate of The Ohio State University in Journalism and the University of Phoenix in Master of Business Administration in Marketing.

Course Syllabus

The 10-week Persuasive Copywriting Certification Course covers vital topics students need to master the fundamentals of crafting copy that excites, intrigues and persuades audiences.

Get Certified in Persuasive Copywriting and Master Timeless Principles of Crafting Sales Copy that Seizes Attention and Motivates Audiences to Take Action

The Persuasive Copywriting Certification Course is a comprehensive, instructor-led, online self-study course featuring the coursework, classic strategies, resources, mastery quizzes and expert-level guidance needed to distinguish you as a Master of Copywriting.

With this distinction, you’ll have the know-how, proficiency and intermediate skills to communicate in a way that garners attention, increases awareness and motivates people to take action.

Who Should Get Certified?

Marketing and Sales Professionals

Advance your career and position your organization to stand out and significantly expand its revenue potential.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Create more impactful marketing content that excites, entices and engages audiences and transforms them into buyers.

Business Consultants and Social Media Influencers

Master a sought-after, timeless skillset you can use to train clients and generate awareness, all while writing better-performing ads, emails and social media posts.

Students pursuing careers in business or marketing

Stand out from the slew of graduates with business or marketing degrees with the specialized skills today’s employers are desperately seeking.

Get Certified in Persuasive Copywriting

Master timeless, revolutionary strategies for crafting better-performing ads, social media posts, emails, landing pages and other types of results-driving marketing communications.

We won several multimillion-dollar contracts as a result of Apryl's proposal expertise and copywriting skills!

Apryl’s patience and perseverance were critical to submitting compliant proposals on time and looking sharp! We sincerely appreciate her guidance and professionalism throughout the process and look forward to working together on future pursuits. We have already won several multimillion-dollar contracts as a result of her proposal expertise and copywriting skills.”

– CarolAnn Giovando, Senior Director Sales Support, Aclara Technologies

We used Apryl's email templates and made $2 million in Black Friday sales!

We used Apryl’s email templates from the “I Want All The Sales” Bundle 4.0 last year and we made $2 million in Black Friday sales. It was so good.”

– Shanterria Earley,

Apryl's team helped my company generate another $30,000 in passive income!

“Because of Apryl’s team, I’ve been able to take trips around the world and spend more time with my family because I’m not stuck at my computer trying to figure out which words to use. In fact, because of her team, we’ve been able to generate another $30,000 in passive income.”

– Jeri Toliver,

Apryl helped us close one of our largest contracts with a Big Ten University to date!

Apryl demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism from the first phone call. She not only helped us complete the project, but she managed the project and helped us to stay organized from start to finish. She was experienced, efficient, creative and thorough. The end results were excellent, we finished on time and have used her services again since then. I appreciate her services and look forward to working with her on future projects. I highly recommend her.”

– Rula Hanania, President, Smile Promotions

Apryl is the REAL DEAL ... I was chosen to serve as a technical judge for a popular Gospel Awards event because of her writing advice!

“I’ve learned so much from you. Anything I do using your methods work wonderfully! Info I’ve gained from your courses have attracted all sorts of exciting successes, features contracts, respect and money. For example, I was chosen to serve as a technical judge for a popular Gospel Awards event all because of your writing advice! I look forward to another wave of your awesomeness. You’re the real deal!”

– Shelly Aqui, PRVM Performing Arts Academy

In less than 10 days, I had TWO cash offers for a $2 million condo unit!

“I used to shed tears about writing, but Apryl has turned me into a writing machine! In less than 10 days, I had TWO cash offers for a $2 million condo unit. I sold the site for $1.9 million and just want to acknowledge Apryl for her books and her training on spine-tingling sentences to make clients ‘smack the buy button.'”

– Tori Easterling, Real Estate Tori

Apryl is a professional writer and editor who listens well, scopes the project and executes exactly what is needed, on time and within budget!

“Apryl also has the calm temperament so essential to working with demanding and sometimes difficult clients. I recommend Apryl without hesitation to anyone looking for great writing, editing and proofreading support.”


– Laurie Beringer, Editorial Manager, Thompson Hine

Apryl is a vivacious and dedicated woman and an exceptional speaker!

“Apryl gave a tremendous presentation to our female employee resource group, HylandWIN this fall on writing like a B.O.S.S. Her enthusiastic presentation kept our audience engaged and gave key takeaway points to implement into one’s life. I truly believe Apryl will shine in bringing a fun twist of professional development into your organization and/or marketing content. She has my highest recommendation and respect.”


– Courtney (Byham) Conn, Human Resources Program Manager, Hyland

I made THREE sales in 5 minutes!

“I was browsing through Apryl’s membership group and was inspired to do a 15-second video, wearing one of my hair towels, talking about one of my favorite things about them. And within 5 minutes of posting, I sold 3 hair towels. Now I see how saying ‘buy my stuff’ is less effective than ‘this is why I love it.’ It was a story, albeit a quick one, but it resonated. So, I’ll take your words and apply them. Thanks!”


– Brie Moore, Breezy Tee

The amazing work Apryl created will allow me to grow my business!

“I loved working with Apryl. She took the time to understand my needs, my vision, my voice, and my project. The amazing work she created will allow me to grow my business by becoming more visible as I promote my summit. Thank you so much!”


– Melissa Moss, Event Marketing Consultant and Strategist

I did Apryl's Black Friday Challenge and brought in over $4,000 in sales!

“I did Apryl’s Black Friday Challenge and brought in over $4,000 in sales! I am beyond happy with her services.”

– Curtis Reynolds,

I used Apryl's email and social media templates to close $10,500 in sales ...

“I used all the emails and social media posts from your Black Friday Bundle and the suggested schedule to market my first retreat. I closed the promotion with $10,500 in sales, selling out all the spots. And, I’ve created a waitlist for the next retreat.”

– Quanisha Green, MSS,

Stick to what you do best and let Apryl's team handle the rest!

“… Before Apryl Beverly walked into my life, I struggled to keep up with all the content. I cannot tell you how much time I’ve saved since I have entrusted the words on my sales pages and other places to Apryl Beverly and her team. OMG, they have the uncanny ability to take my thoughts and what I want to get out into the world and use the words to convert my audience. And it’s been a pleasure!”


– Patrice Washington, Host of the Redefining Wealth Podcast

Apryl's amazing copy brought my brand to life ...

“I first met Apryl at an event where she introduced herself and from that moment I knew she had a way with words. A copywriter wasn’t something I ever thought I needed but over time I realized, although I had a notable brand, I never could find the right words to describe who we are, who we cater to and what our mission was.

With just one phone call, Apryl was able to bring my brand to life and add color to our media kit, through her amazing copy. She was amazing to work with from start to finish, asking all the right questions, super professional and her copy is always delivered on schedule. The professionalism is top-notch! If I  had a sales funnel, I’d be killing it!”

– Necole Kane, My Happy Flo

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Apryl's marketing and copywriting skills a 10!

“I would absolutely refer her to others and am planning to work with her for proposal writing and to update our existing sales presentations!”


– Brendan Hughes, Marketing Manager, Equity Trust Company

I used the "I Want All The Sales" Black Friday Bundle to EXCEED my Black Friday sales goal!

“… I set a goal and I used Apryl’s email series and it worked fabulously with my audience. Each email was more and more engaging and I ended up EXCEEDING my Black Friday sales goal!”

– Toni McEachin, Duchess Cosmetics

We hired Apryl to write a large, highly technical sales proposal and we won the contract, which brought in tens of thousands of dollars!

“Apryl is at the top of her field and combines her creative insights with editing expertise to always ensure that we deliver the highest quality sales proposals. She also keeps us organized from start to finish, which ensures all deadlines are met. I plan to hire her again!”


– Linda Richardson, VP, Sales, Versify Solutions

Your team makes my words sound like a million bucks!

“I LOVE working with Apryl and her team! They always make my words sound like a million bucks. I was super pleased with the website copy and ad writing they did for me. Anyone can write a caption, but not everyone can write copy. They’re stuck with me for LIFE!”

-Ronne Brown, CEO of Girl CEO Inc.

The value vs. the investment ratio is a no-brainer!

“Thank YOU Apryl for transforming my writing. I’m getting more discovery requests than before I tapped into Apryl’s magic! I recommend any of her products. The value vs. investment ratio is a no-brainer.

– Nicole Chamblin, Visions Productivity Solutions

Her presentation was extremely professional and her communication style was easy to understand!

“Apryl is excellent at what she does. I had the pleasure of hosting her for my membership business class and she was absolutely excellent. Her presentation was extremely professional, her communication style was easy to understand, as she provided us with strategic techniques and strategies. I would definitely recommend her to speak to your group or organization.”


– Jasmine Womack, Executive Coach, Writing Consultant and Self Publishing Authority

One of the BEST investments I could've made for my business!

“… I believe in learning the way before I hire someone to do it. It was one of the BEST investments I’ve made in my business!”

– Denise Sincere, Confidence Igniter

I made $91,000 in one weekend using Apryl's templates!

“I made $91,000 during Black Friday weekend using Apryl’s templates. I scheduled them and let them work while I took the weekend off.”

– Donteacia Seymore, Chief Inventor, Creation Nation

Frequently Asked Questions

While the certificate is beneficial for marketing and sales professionals, business owners, consultants, influencers and students, HOW it will help you depends on who you are …

If you’re a marketing and sales professional, this certification provides you with an advanced, revolutionary skill you can use to better promote, market and sell your employer’s or clients’ products and services.

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, this certification provides you with a systematic way to craft copy that helps you attract and retain better, higher-paying clients.

If you’re a student, this certification can put you on track to outpace graduates who merely have a business or marketing degree. Also, you can use the certification to showcase your proficiency in the specialized area of persuasive copywriting – a skill employers across all industries want and need.

The course features a combination of interactive online learning with reading, videos, quizzes, assignments, as well as live class discussions and live, group instructor-led office hours. There is also a portfolio-building capstone project that students must complete to earn their certification.

All live discussions will be recorded and uploaded to the student center so you can view (and re-watch) any time. You’ll also receive access to an online learning center filled with writing templates, guides and other resources you can rely on to advance your skills as a copywriter.

You’ll have access to the course content for 9 months. During that time, the student support center is open, and you can attend group instructor-led office hours to get the answers you need in a LIVE, virtual setting.

The course was designed to take 10 weeks or 200 hours of study to complete, but you’re provided with up to 9 months to finish at your own pace.

No. This course is easy to follow yet challenging because we want the certification to carry value. To earn the certification, you’ll need to study the course material, complete the assignments and participate in group discussions.

Yes. Our online course platform is accessible from anywhere in the world.

You can apply for financial assistance directly through our financial aid partner, Cengage/Ed2Go.

The best courses are those that teach you tangible strategies and methods you can learn and apply to achieve your career or business goals.

If you’re seeking a way to set yourself apart from the competition all while mastering a valuable, timeless skill that will not only benefit you, but also your employer or business, then we are confident this certification is right for you.

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