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You got questions about word Stylistz COPYWRITING SERVICES?

We got answers … all the freakin’ answers.

Word Stylistz provides copywriting services for entrepreneurs and small business owners who cater to diverse audiences. The ambitious CEOs who are great at what they do and want a sales message that matches. Action-takers who know the money is all in the messaging.

If you need the kind of copy that gets people buzzing about your biz and boosts your bottom line, then Word Stylistz is for you. You’ll get the professional sales writing you need to elevate your marketing – all without breaking the bank.

Yep, we’re not your average copywriting services business. The project price you see is the project price you’ll pay – no matter if you’re a business coach, hair stylist, fitness guru or the marketing director of a multibillion-dollar company.

And yes, we’re the FIRST woman-owned copywriting services business to do it.

With Sezzle, you can get the revenue-generating copywriting services you need now and pay later. Get all the details here: https://wordstylistz.com/buy-now-pay-later/.

We offer various copywriting services to serve the sales, marketing and promotional needs of coaches, consultants, services providers and eCommerce retailers. Whether you need an attention-grabbing elevator pitch, scroll-stopping social media posts, persuasive product/service descriptions, cash-boosting sales emails or other action-inducing copy, we got you covered.

Translation: We write the words that close the deals. Contact us if you have questions about whether we can accommodate your writing needs.

Congrats! Your million-dollar words are now in the making.

First, you’ll complete a Creative Brief to tell us about your superpowers, target audience and project details. The more details, the better.

Then you go back to grocery shopping, revenue-generating activities or whatever else you want to do. We’ll contact you if we have questions. But our services do NOT include or require calls to discuss your project(s).

From there, we start your sentence-slinging process and deliver the copy within 7 business days (or faster if you upgraded to a faster delivery option) AFTER processing your Creative Brief, which requires 1 full business day.

So, to recap: You smack the buy button®️ and complete the Creative Brief. Give us 1 business day to review and 7 business days to write and before you know it, we’ll be back in your inbox with the finished product.

When handling copywriting services and serving persuasive copy, your Word Stylist has fast fingers. Our team completes projects 7 business days after we process your Creative Brief (which requires 1 full business day).

Now, your delivery countdown starts the first full business day after we receive your completed Creative Brief. And orders received on weekends and office-observed holidays will be processed the following first full business day. See our holiday schedule here.

This delivery guideline does NOT apply to Dynamic Duo/Retainer Services or limited-time offers. Reference our Terms and Conditions for details.

Because you give us answers to questions regarding your needs and requirements for copywriting services, your copy will be written exactly to your specifications. We do not provide rewrites if you change your mind or simply don’t like the flava of the copy.

We DO rewrite copy where we have misunderstood the guidance provided in your Creative Brief. If this happens, we’re happy to offer 1 rewrite at no charge. To keep giving you insanely low rates for top-tier copy, we leave small changes like cannot vs. can’t up to your own preference as we know you can make these yourself.

Now, at times, we do miss the mark. When that happens, please send your rewrite request adhering to the Revisions/Rewrites guidelines here.

We offer a limited number of expedited delivery options on copywriting services for situations like this. Complete the contact us form or pop in the chat to find out if we can rush your order delivery. Now, you’ll pay a premium for this because it moves you to the front of the queue.

No catch at all. Word Stylistz was created because our CEO, Apryl Beverly, knows exactly what it’s like to be a small business owner. And she also knows good marketing isn’t just for major brands with massive marketing budgets.

Word Stylistz is her way of leveling the playing field so we can all get back to a place where talent, passion and ambition matters. You see, when you’re armed with million-dollar words, there’s no limit to the success you can achieve.

The bottom line: Our copywriting services are priced just right for those who need us most!

Sales pages are complex documents and because of that, it’s impossible to offer them at a flat-rate price. However, you can complete this questionnaire and a member of our team will contact you with more details. Sale page copywriting services start at $4,500 and can require 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

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